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Ascending gives teams personalized, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion action plans for improvement.
Created using proven methodology for building better culture and unlocking team diversity.

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See how Ascending works in 3 simple steps

1). Identify - Get your Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (ED&I) Score

Like a "FICO" score for your company, our scoring Benchmark is an internal-facing ranking, designed to amplify employee voices and help you make informed decisions.

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2). Interpret - Use data-driven insights to understand your score factors

Each score comes with charts, quarterly reporting and departmental breakdowns for actionable progress. Quicker, cheaper and less upkeep than a consultant or cumbersome spreadsheet.

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3). Improve - Build your culture & score using our ED&I Resource Hub

With your score, access learning content in the Ascending Academy: your personalized Equity, Diversity & Inclusion resource hub.

Your new go-to for helpful courses, trainings, nudges & news.

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Made to integrate with your HR-tech stack 🧰

Ascending is designed to help you minimize your open tabs & maximize your favorite HR tools:

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Ascending is the only-hub integrating your entire HR-tool stack! Get in touch and see if your stack is compatible.

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Facts & Questions

Have a question? Scroll through our FAQ below. Need something a little different?
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At Ascending, we're delighted to work with teams committed to bridging the gap between good intentions and sustained change in their work culture.

If that type of commitment resonates with you, we'd love to chat.

Ascending is perfect for small to medium sized teams. As a small org, prioritizing a strong Equity, Diversity & Inclusion foundation can save you tons of future headaches - not to mention time & money.

We're proud to provide useful resources, as well as rich data insights, designed especially with "small-but-mighty" teams in mind.

From the start, we've set out to make Ascending's Equity, Diversity & Inclusion action platform accessible to all.

To that end, we've designed a couple of plans on our Pricing Page. Give it a look and see which is right for you. Our approach is especially designed to benefit small-to-medium sized teams (many with constrained budgets) while democratizing opportunity for meaningful change. It's our mission to make the tools of change fully available & within reach for any org committed to Equity, Diversity & Inclusion.

Data privacy, security & safety is our top-priority at Ascending. We're 100% committed to creating an environment where everybody can experience a sense of thriving within their place of work. To this end, we've elevated end-to-end data encryption from day one of our launch. We've also listed SOC 1 (& eventually SOC 2) compliance on our roadmap to reinforce greater degrees of security confidence for teams. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date on this process & many other exciting updates.

At Ascending, our mission has always been focused on bringing openness and transparency to the workplace experience. We've always believed that by providing a space where every single employee can share ongoing experiences it not only empowers them to make better products, it also helps them (and subsequetly the cultures they're building) to grow. We're proud to be a part of creating a more open culture and to continue building a product that supports this vision.

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