Lead by example in
Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Ascending is the ideal tool for Founders, Chief People Officers, and HR Leaders to reliably follow through in any Equity, Diversity & Inclusion commitments.

Scoring Diversity

More accurately know your people & how they're doing.

Scoring Inclusion

Amplifying Employee voices to help you more authetically goal-set.

Scoring Equity

Enabling the opportunity to more effectively retain your Talent.

Make meaningful goals & measurable progress

Discover the 3-steps to supercharge your Equity, Diversity & Inclusion efforts.
From guesswork to long-lasting change.

Diversity: Self-reported, Intersectional & Accurate.

Enabling accurate insights for all people while aggregating, anonymizing & actioning the data for aligned impact.

Inclusion: Quantifable, Qualatative & Comprehensive.

Uncover insights directly related to core aspects of Inclusion sentiment. Crafted by experts, made accessible for all.

Equity: Parity, Promotion & Positionality.

Valuing diversity doesn't stop at getting people in the door. Keeping, growing & compensating them makes it all come together.

See how you measure up & know how to make change.

Build Better Culture

Don't just tell them: show them.

Joining Ascending is the sure way to creating sustained Equity, Diversity & Inclusion change.

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