Go beyond a job, Find better culture

Ascending's platform enables individuals to view company Equity, Diversity & Inclusion data in the job search, helping you find the right culture. Not just a job.

For employees:
Tell Your Truth

Preserving your anonymity as a team-member while actioning your feedback.

For job-seekers:
See Track-records

Use data-benchmarks to discover which values-aligned company is your best fit.

For both cases:
Be 100% Yourself

In either case, find & contirbute to a workplace that works (and is!) for you.

How Ascending Works for Individuals

We've designed a framework for companies to always keep you (and your voice!)
At the center of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion.

Share Safely: using encryption & anonymity.

Enabling accurate insights for all people while aggregating, anonymizing & actioning the data for aligned impact.

Learn & Contribute: find & share helpful content.

Uncover insightful answers to challenging questions. Discover proven ways to champion change in your organization.

Discover Opportunity: match with values-aligned companies.

With all the tools out there, finding a job has never been easier. But finding the right culture? A bit more difficult, until now.

Ascending makes it easy see how Companies measure up.

Access Better Culture

Discover work that's truly for you.

Ascending is the sure way to discovering & developing sustained change in Equity, Diversity & Inclusion.

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